Marble Art Dip

  Marble Art Dip—the   Product    that freely brings out your potential creativity.

  The following scripts illustrate   How to prep Base Couleur Art :
        Pick a color from the Art Dip Couleur bottle (1 or more colors)
        Sprinkle some in the Art Dip powder (Art #2) jar to create color patterns.

  ◊ STEP 1  

        Apply Dip BAse onto nail. Dip into the whute Base Powder Art#1 (Art Dip Powder)

  ◊ Step 2  

        Apply Dip Base the 2nd time. Dip nail surface into Base Couleur Art

  ◊ Step 3  

        Apply Dip Base onto nail surface

  ◊ Step 4  

        Apply Sealer

  ◊ Step 5  

        Let Sealer dry. File nail and apply Dip Top