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Acrylic liquid   plays a major role in the fashionable finger nails industry. In fact, it is the crucial chemical element that forms the artistically design nails that are being used in most nails salon throughout the world.

1 Gallon

            Item # :   MIR-G
            Flavor  :   Candy
            Color   :   Clear or
            Size     :   1 Gallon


  • Features a sun block that filters out harmful
    Ultra Violet (UV) rays which can cause
    yellowing effects.


Two of our popular brand name acrylic nail liquids are Miracle, and Marvel. Both are available in Clear   or Purple but Miracle is typically shipped with candy flavor while Marvel often contains flower flavor.

32 oz
F Style

            Item # :   MIR-32
            Flavor  :   Candy
            Color   :   Clear or
            Size     :   32 oz

  • Pleasant odor and non-yellow color stabilizer liquid ensures less buffing and less finishing work with optimum results.