C herish Thinner Gel & Gel Cleanser are two other add-ons of the essential gel series.                                                                                                

  Thinner Gel   &   Gel Cleanser


              Thinner Gel

  Item # : TG05
  Color   : Clear
  Size     : ½ oz

              Gel Cleanser

    Item # : GC05
    Color   : Clear
    Size     : ½ oz

Cherish Thinner Gel brings
the right consistency in a polish gel that is too thick.

1. Mix a few drops of Thinner Gel to our polish gel.

2. Shake well so that the thinner gel mixes with the polish gel properly.

3. Wait for a few minutes before applying the polish gel.

* This formula works with all polish gels.
        Cherish Gel Cleanser is
        designed to clean the nail
        plate prior to removing the
        tacky surface from gel
        nail applications.


  • For Professional Use Only.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children.
  • Keep Chemical Products away from Direct Sunlight or Heated Sources.

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